Dr. Barit highly recommends that everyone wears sunglasses with UV protection when they are outside. Harmful UV rays may increase the risk of certain types of Cataracts and potentially damage the Retina.

Yes. Diabetes affects your circulatory system, which can affect your vision. It is advised that all Diabetics have their eyes examined at least once a year and in some severe cases, more often. Please discuss all of your symptoms with Dr. Barit, including any cloudy or spotty vision. In most cases, Dr. Barit will elect to perform a dilation at your visit.

Imagine driving in fog at night and suddenly turning on the high beam lights. What you see in a distance is glare, distorted images, and a decrease in color saturation. This happens with developing cataracts. You may also experience a decrease in reading vision especially with moderate to severe cataracts.

Yes, with any hereditary eye conditions, you are a potential candidate. The good news is Macular Degeneration can be detected and it is most helpful to check every year so that it can be caught in its earliest stages. Dr. Barit recommends a dilation for the most thorough view.

Yes, Dr. Barit can evaluate your condition and prescribe antibiotics for the eye if necessary. This procedure should be covered by most health insurance plans.

Blutech lenses are for some people, children, teens, and adults, that in their daily routines are using modern technologies (smart phones, tablets, flat screen tvs) for several hours throughout the day. These lenses are designed to reduce eye strain, eye fatigue and discomfort noticed throughout the day. Blutech lenses offer protection from harmful blue light and ultraviolet light, enhance contrast and depth perception, and are impact resistant. They also help increase night vision.

Many diseases or symptoms that affect your eyesight are related to your circulatory system and your blood flow. For example, if you are a smoker or have Diabetes, this may cause your blood pressure to rise which may also affect your vision. In the most severe cases, it may also cause blindness. Please discuss any symptoms with Dr. Barit; he may also elect to perform a blood pressure test if necessary.

Yes. As part of your Comprehensive Eye Exam, you will have an “Air Puff Test” which screens for Glaucoma. Dr. Barit will also speak with you about your family history and examine your retina for symptoms. A Dilation is highly recommended for the most thorough view.

If you are considering LASIK or would like more information, Dr. Barit can talk to you and provide you with literature on this procedure. In most cases, your prescription should remain constant within the past two years to be considered as a candidate, among other considerations. If you decide to go through with LASIK, Dr. Barit can provide your pre- and post- operative care, while referring you to an Ophthalmologist to perform your surgery.

If you have previously worn glasses we ask that you please bring in your current pair so that Dr. Barit may take a reading from them to compare for any changes in the prescription. If you’ve worn contacts before, please bring in an empty box if you still have it. Please bring insurance information and also be prepared to discuss any family eye conditions with Dr. Barit.

In some cases, some health insurance plans cover routine eye exams, discounts or a flexible spending account that you may use towards services and materials of your choice. In some cases, we may elect to use your health insurance for certain conditions. Please refer to the details of your specific insurance plan.

We make every effort to verify your insurance benefits prior to your appointment. We may ask you for some required personal information, insurance group number and individual id. Once we receive your insurance information, we will verify your eligibility within 48 hours. In most cases, we are able verify your eligibility the same day as your appointment. However, if your insurance carrier is closed and/or we are unable to reach them, you may be asked to pay for services in full and we will reconcile your account once it has been verified. We suggest that you verify with your insurance carrier about your details of coverage, including copays.
*We do not make any guarantees of payment on behalf of your insurance company.

For the health of your eyes and to update your prescriptions, Dr. Barit recommends that you have your eyes checked annually. A prescription for both glasses and contacts is only valid for one year.