Bee Cave Comprehensive Eye Exam

Doctor Barit recommends an annual eye exam for everyone. They are important for your health because it can detect vision problems, eye diseases and general health problems. Dr. Barit performs a series of evaluations including visual acuity, glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration testing. In addition an ocular health screening is performed for those with diabetes, high blood pressure, medications and health changes such as pregnancy. In most cases, retinal photography is performed in lieu of dilation so that Dr. Barit can see the health of your retina. He will also determine your prescription for glasses. If you are looking for a Bee Cave eye exam or optometrist, reach out today and schedule your appointment.

Bee Cave Pediatric Eye Exam

Children are extremely adaptable to their environments and they may adapt to their vision problems. Dr. Barit encourages a Pediatric Eye Exam annually for children starting at age two. Even if they do not know their alphabet, he can still perform visual acuity testing as well as eye disease screenings. Although they may receive a vision screening at school, which tests distance vision, an eye exam is recommended for far and near vision testing and other ocular health evaluations. Your child may need vision correction if they consistently sit close to the television, hold a book or tablet too close, squint or turn their head to see better, have sensitivity to light, suffer headaches, rub their eyes, avoid activities or state that their eyes hurt. Many of these common refractive errors may be easily corrected with glasses or contacts.